I was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania where my parents and the majority of my extended family still reside. After graduating from South Park High School as a scholar athlete, I continued my education at Indiana University, who's School of Education was ranked fifth in the nation. While at IU, I studied hard in elementary and computer education, played hard as captain and vice president of the IU Women's Rugby Team, worked hard as IU Recreational Sports Laborer of the Year (2002-2003), and gave back to the community as a volunteer high school coach. Two weeks prior to my graduation in May of 2003, I accepted the sixth grade science and language arts teaching position with Zionsville Middle School in Zionsville, IN.

I grew significantly as an educator while at ZMS. Co-teaching, collaborating with my teammates, mentoring intern teachers, organizing the science department and a masters in Educational Technology from Michigan State allowed me to work with an array of teaching styles and abilities. My student population also spanned a spectrum of abilities from academically talented learners to special education pupils. For this range of students, I was able to take the same academic standards and create individualized lessons that engage and challenge all of them appropriately. As I developed those lessons, I used technology to support my content and pedagogy, paving the way for student success in the 21st Century. What I enjoyed the most about the environment of ZMS was the collaborative spirit of my colleagues and a supportive administrative staff. I extremely enjoyed the seven years in this position, but my travels during that time left me yearning for the opportunity to teach and learn in new parts of the world. This led me to my current position at the American School Foundation of Monterrey, Mexico.

ASFM has afforded me the opportunity to develop a new skill set as their Director of Technology Integration. Hired as the driving force behind a new program, I have been able to mold and shape the change based on my vision for technology integration. Working with over 250 teachers and administrators to improve the learning experience for more than 2,300 students through the use of technology has pushed my abilities to lead initiatives beyond any other experience I have had. Managing budgets, supervising the technology integration team, collaborating with curriculum leaders, advising administrators, persuading the Board of Directors, and teaming with the Directors of IT are just a few of my regular tasks that have helped launch things like differentiated professional development, a 1 to 1 laptop program, elementary iPad initiative, and designing the DigitALL CHANGE program for students, teachers, and parents. Each of these initiatives was drive by the school wide goal to develop students' 21st Century Skills through the use of technology and built on the foundation of the TPACK framework. We have been proud to share the structure of our Technology Integration Program with several school that have visited our school with the purpose of modeling their initiatives after ours.

Most recently I have begun working with SUNY and Michigan State University as an instructor for their educational technology course to help develop graduate students as leaders with technology integration.

My passions outside of school complement my aspirations for teaching abroad. Since graduating from university, I have traveled to six of the continents. My personal goal is to reach Antarctica in the near future, to bring new meaning to the phrase, “World Traveler”! I love experiencing the cultures that each new country, city or town has to offer. When I am not jet setting around the world, I can be found carving my way through fresh powder, doodling plans for my dream cabin, peddling about a town or mountain trail, surfing the web for the next tech tool or surrounded by fabulous people sharing fun stories.



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